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Your business goes beyond your coaching hours

m10Your business goes beyond your coaching hours

When you get to the end of every day what have you accomplished?

Have you just ticked off another day of clients, or are you one step closer to your big goal?

Every coach I meet wants to progress, they want to build a better reputation and earn more money. When it comes down to it, very few will get there, because they’re not spending enough time on the foundations and framework of their business.

There’s very often little financial structure, no targets, and no action plan in place to get them there. There’s very little marketing in place, no website, no email marketing, no real consistent content, no referral strategies, and no data being recorded to track progress.

Why would there be, you were never taught any of this at PT school.

So you finish each day, message a few clients. write a few programmes and start over again the next day. Years down the line you’re doing exactly the same thing.

If you want to get somewhere with your business, your day has to go beyond your coaching hours.

You need to be running your business. You need to be on top of your day to day operations, which includes customer service protocols, client management systems. sales, referrals, and client communication.

You  need to be on top of your finances and reporting. Know if you’re on track with your financial targets, and what you need to be doing if you’re not.

You need to be on top of your marketing, creating content for your platforms, writing blogs or articles, creating email campaigns, networking, picking up leads on the gym floor, and so much more.

This is the work that most coaches aren’t doing, but they’re all the things that will take you to the next stage of your career, business and life.

You’re not going to learn these areas over night, you need to commit time to learning them, learn them from people who are doing all of them, and then implement them.

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