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Personal training is a profession, and as such we have standards that should be followed. When you are making the commitment to work with a trainer, you are entering in to a business relationship (not many people realise this). You are expecting something from your trainer, and they are expecting something from you. If a trainer wants to become better known, they need to show evidence of their work. As such it should always be in their best interest to help you achieve your goal.

In order for you to reach your goal, it's important for you to know that there must be a system in place. For example, simply turning up to work every day won't make you money, however put a strategy in place and you should always see a financial return.

Your personal trainer should explain your journey to you in advance. When it comes to helping people to achieve a better body shape, we always have a format in our head pretty soon after meeting you. Of course over the weeks it can be subject to change, this is very much dependant on the level of progress you are making.

What you should not be experiencing, is turning up to every session without a clear understanding of your journey. So to help you understand what to expect, I have provided a check list for you. This is to ensure that you are receiving the very best for your investment:

- A full assessment prior to beginning your training 

This should include body fat measurements, flexibility, posture, mobility assessment, health questionnaire, and a dietary review.

- A nutrition plan

You should always be given a nutrition plan to follow. This should lay out exactly what you should be eating and drinking across each week. Over the course of the first 4 - 6 weeks, you should expect this to be adjusted. If there aren't any adjustments being made, your trainer should be explaining to you the reasons why.

- A weight training programme

You should always be given a full training programme, this should lay out exactly what you should be doing across every training day. If your trainer is taking you through workouts and not providing you with one to follow, you should ask them why.

- A revised training programme

Now you shouldn't be expecting a new programme every 2 - 3 weeks, but you should be given one every 4 - 6 weeks. Your body will adapt to each programme, so to ensure progress you need to be subjected to a variety of training variables.

- Coaching on the gym floor

If you are just moving from exercise to exercise and not learning anything, you should question your trainer. Every machine or exercise needs to be set up or explained in a certain way. You should expect to be taught to, and expect to learn.

- Weekly or biweekly body fat/weight assessments.

This is very important, you need to be assessed regularly. If you have hired your personal trainer for body composition changes, you need to know how well (or not) you are progressing. Assessments can help us to make changes to your programme, without them we are simply stabbing in the dark.

- Photographs

Whilst a lot of people don't like having their picture taken, these are essential to your continued progress. You are investing in your body, being able to look back over you journey is a key part of the process.

- Regular communication.

This is one of the biggest areas for me, your personal trainer should be in regular contact with you. Often you will be alone on this journey, as many people around you will not get it. Your trainer should act as a big level of support for you. I expect my clients to email me when they need me, as there will be times when you need to get clarity on new pieces on information that you pick up.

Prior to starting coaching anyone, I will always ask them how they know about me and how long they have spent researching what myself and M10 do. You see I don't think anyone should enter in to a business relationship, without knowing more about the investment that they're about to make. It's easy to just book a personal trainer, and expect them to help you change your body shape. However not every personal trainer is highly skilled at helping you achieve your goal. This is where you can easily be wasting the money that you're investing.

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