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Starting your career as a Personal Trainer

m10Starting your career as a Personal Trainer

Starting out isn’t easy, I never tell any personal trainers that it’s supposed to be.

What I can do though, is tell you what to expect. Some key areas to focus on, and what not to get caught up in.

In your early days you’ll be working with average Joe clients, many of whom will be very new to the gym.

Here are 15 essential pieces of advice that I can share from my experience.

  1. Be prepared to work long hours
  2. Don't expect to progress, if you're not prepared to invest.
  3. Make yourself approachable.
  4. Hire your own coach.
  5. Don't think you know it all after a couple of seminars.
  6. Ask for help.
  7. Don't use your phone during a coaching session.
  8. Full body workouts are enough for most of your clients.
  9. You don't need to beast your clients to help them achieve results.
  10. Take full responsibility, it's often you who's at fault.
  11. Read every day.
  12. Don't over complicate your programming. The basics win every time.
  13. Don't change things for the sake of it. If it's working, you're doing your job.
  14. The first stage of any diet is cleaning it up, it isn't counting calories.
  15. Work on your own personal development.

Don’t over complicate the process, they need the basics, your guidance, and consistency.

If you’re not used to speaking to people every day, get used to it. Without that skill, you’ll never make it. If it’s something you’re not good at, you have to work hard at it every single day until it becomes normal for you.

The fastest way to learn is to hire your own coach or mentor. Learn from people who have been where you are, and someone who can guide you along your path.

Building your business will take time, it will take a lot of patience, that’s the honest truth.

However add in these tips and you’ll be well on your way.

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