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Sales strategies for Personal Trainers

m10Sales strategies for Personal Trainers

The more sales you don’t close, the more it impacts your confidence. You think that no one wants to work with you, where in fact you just need to improve selling as a skill.

People will always have objections to spending their money, that’s ok. Your job is to help them to realise why investing in you is the right thing for them.

If you understand the problems that they face, you can have all of your answers ready. The problem arises when you are faced with an objection and you have nothing to follow it up with.

When faced with a rejection, you’ve very often tried to sell too quickly. Selling isn’t a race to the finish. It’s a skilled process of adding value. See every rejection as valuable feedback. What could you have done differently, how could you change your strategy for next time?

It’s not game over for your career when one person says no. Reflect over it, refine your strategy and go again.

Remember that a no is just a no right now, it’s not a no down the line. Keep up with your content, your emails, and keep speaking to the same people. You’ll be surprised how many people re appear and start working with you, after saying no months before.

Refine your sales strategies by using my 5 Stage Sales formula - 

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