Are you ready to stack on some serious mass?


I’m extremely excited to be bringing this programme to you. Many of you will say that you've tried absolutely everything to build muscle, and you'll also say that it never seems to work. But how many of the programmes that you've followed, send out a nutrition plan that's designed just for you? How many give you the reasons behind the strategies that you're being ask to implement? And how many explain what to do, if it looks like you're starting to gain body fat at any stage?  

This is what makes 8 week muscle unique. 

Over the last 15 years in the fitness industry, I’ve tried and tested many different strategies, studied from some of the brightest minds, and I’m very happy with this system that I have put together for you all. 

"The programmes found in 8 Week Muscle, are the very ones which I use myself"

I’ve applied all the strategies that you will learn in 8 Week Muscle with all my clients / athletes. As you can see I’ve also applied all that knowledge in the development of my own physique.

8 Week Muscle

£ 19.38

Please note - 8 Week Muscle has been designed for males only, and it has not been designed to accommodate a vegetarian style diet.

What am I investing in?


  • A nutrition plan, which is tailored to your current weight 
  • A week to week calorie increase guide
  • An 8 week training programme which changes at week 4
  • A muscle building supplement guide
  • Unique coaching advice to ensure your gains are quality muscle and minimal body fat 
  • A chance to win 3 months of online training and a training session / a one hour skype call with M10 founder Mark Coles. 

How much does 8 Week Muscle cost?


The full 8 week programme is £18.99 plus VAT.

8 Week Muscle

£ 19.38

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