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How to increase your self confidence

m10How to increase your self confidence

How do you speak to yourself, is it at a growth level, or are you frequently pulling yourself down?

Do you look for all of the positive things that you’re accomplishing, or spend all of your time being critical of everything that you haven’t done, or what’s not gone well?

I listen to so many people being negative about their life. Being frustrated about all the things that they haven’t achieved or haven’t got. The end result is always low self confidence, frustration, stagnation and low motivation.

How are you ever going to make progress and live a life of confidence and happiness, if you’re always pulling yourself down?

In order to progress you must be focussed on positivity and giving yourself powerful energy every day.

One of the best ways to do that is to change how you speak to yourself.

Waking up and being grateful for the opportunities that you have in front of you is one of the best places to start. Then focussing on the lives that you have the opportunity to impact through your profession on a day to day basis.

Changing this alone with adjust the energy that you start every day with. You can’t be negative when your energy is focussed on positivity and happiness.

Now focus on how good it feels to accomplish tasks. Give yourself three big wins to tick off every day. Get to the end of each day and praise yourself for accomplishing them. You start the day with positive energy, and end it with the same.

Guess what, a few weeks down the line and a big tick list of task equals massive progress and more powerful energy.

The amount of people who aren’t aware of how much their internal dialogue pulls them down is crazy. This is simply allowing the day and other people to control you, rather than being in control of yourself.

In order to have positive energy and confidence every day, you have to practice it. You have to make it part of your daily routine until it becomes automatic. Don’t expect it to just come to you, it’s a skill just like anything else.

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