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Personal training standards

One thing that I very often remind trainers about is personal and professional standards.
Not only are they essential if you want to be highly regarded for your craft, but they are expected of you as a professional.

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m10Personal training standards

Starting your career as a Personal Trainer

Starting out isn’t easy, I never tell any personal trainers that it’s supposed to be.

What I can do though, is tell you what to expect. Some key areas to focus on, and what not to get caught up in.

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m10Starting your career as a Personal Trainer

Sales strategies for Personal Trainers

The more sales you don’t close, the more it impacts your confidence. You think that no one wants to work with you, where in fact you just need to improve selling as a skill.

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m10Sales strategies for Personal Trainers

How to increase your self confidence

How do you speak to yourself, is it at a growth level, or are you frequently pulling yourself down?

Do you look for all of the positive things that you’re accomplishing, or spend all of your time being critical of everything that you haven’t done, or what’s not gone well?

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m10How to increase your self confidence

Social Media strategies for Personal Trainers

Personal trainer really struggle to grasp the foundations of social media. In this video I share some of my key tips, and help you start to build a more specific social media strategy.

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m10lifeSocial Media strategies for Personal Trainers


Personal training is a profession, and as such we have standards that should be followed. When you are making the commitment to work with a trainer, you are entering in to a business relationship (not many people realise this). You are expecting something from your trainer, and they are expecting something from you. If a trainer wants to become better known, they need to show evidence of their work. As such it should always be in their best interest to help you achieve your goal.

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Psychology for Personal Trainers

An area that very few personal trainers invest in, is personal development or psychology for themselves. In this video I explain the importance of this subject and how it relates to the relationships that you build with your clients and the results you can achieve.

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m10lifePsychology for Personal Trainers