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What do you really want your body to look like? Take a minute to ask yourself that again…

It’s safe to say that most people arriving at this page will be searching for the same thing – to be in the best shape of their life.

Since it's launch over 4 years ago, my fat loss ebook has helped hundreds of people start their fat loss journey. What started out as a simple two week fat loss plan, has now been developed into a comprehensive training, nutrition and life style system that takes you way beyond the initial two weeks. 

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What is the fat loss ebook?


As i just mentioned, the fat loss ebook isn’t going to promise you a complete body transformation in a very short amount of time. It is however going to give you many tools that can help you get started. 

By following my fat loss ebook, you will however be able to lose up to 10lbs in the first 2 to 3 weeks. You’ll learn a lot about the basics of fat loss nutrition, you'll feel a lot healthier, have more energy, and reap the benefits of improved sleep patterns. Above all, you’ll be given the perfect platform to be able to continue to lose body fat and start to shape your perfect physique.

People spend years going through all the off the shelf diets and weight loss programmes, looking for the ultimate system that will get them that perfect body shape. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but if you really want an awesome body shape, standard weight loss plans is no the way to go. 

It’s my firm belief that living healthily is a choice you make, just as being in the best shape of your life is a choice too. I can’t make those choices for you but, with my fat loss ebook, I’ll give you some of the basic tools you need to go out there and get whatever result you want.

What do I get?


When you sign up for the Fat loss ebook , you’ll receive the full updated 45-page programme, which includes

  • A comprehensive guide to all the foods you’ll be choosing from
  • A one month training programme
  • Structured cardiovascular training programmes (interval training and steady state) 
  • Details of a range of supplements that I advise you use during the programme
  • Information on how to prepare for the programme (psychology is a very important part of fat loss)
  • Some healthy recipes to get you started

Dina had no idea what lay ahead for her, but she placed trust in the process

Please note - The fat loss ebook has not been designed to accomodate a vegetarian style diet 


But it doesn’t stop there!


Included in the price, you’ll also get

  • An extensive list of herbs and spices to use when cooking – who says healthy meals have to be boring?!!
  • A selection of recipes – from tasty summer chicken to super shakes, frittata to veggie fettucini and more
  • Food allowance sheets
  • Plateau busting fat loss tips
  • Links to the latest research and articles by leading heath, fat loss and fitness experts

Not to mention all these other benefits too…

  • Increased energy
  • Extreme body fat loss in all the right areas
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Detoxification
  • Hormonal balancing
  • balanced sleeping patterns
  • Decreased stress levels
  • A decrease in general health problems associated with high carbohydrate diets


How much does all this cost?


All this for only £21.00!

LHP Fat Loss System

Was: £ 27.00

NOW: £ 21.00

What makes the fat loss ebook different to other fat loss programmes?


Many weight loss and diet programmes are very difficult to follow. They usually focus on weight loss alone, rather than how to strip body fat. Follow weight loss diets, and you’re often relying on low calorie food choices, which leave you feeling fatigued and stressed. You’ll also end up losing vital muscle mass, which is the body’s most powerful fat burning tools.

My fat loss ebook is a tried and tested programme that until now has only been available to my personal clients.

I developed it to teach my clients how to eat, train and live right to stay in shape all of the time. Men and women of all ages and abilities, from elite athletes to people with little or no exercise experience, all start off following the guidleines found in the fat loss ebook.

If a full body transformation is what you're looking for, I'd advise you to purchase my 8 week physique programme. The fat loss ebook is extremely helpful, but it is very much a fat loss guide. 

Do you want to be one of M10's success stories?

Follow the fat loss ebook to the letter and you'll lose large amounts of body fat – and enjoy continued fat loss right through to your goal.


Why does fat loss ebook work so well?


Our clients range from professional and amateur athletes to “ordinary folk” who just want to look and feel the best that they can. 

The 45-page programme includes a guide to all the foods you’ll be choosing from, and I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see what’s on the list. Fat loss doesn't need to be limiting, this is often why people fail after a very short time. My plan actually has you eating more food that you probably eat now, and you'll lose body fat and inches. You won't go hungry, a reason why so many people cheat and snack on most weight loss plans. 

Experiment with some of the herbs and spices suggested, try some of the recipes and you’ll soon be cooking in a way that’s quick and easy that you can follow for the rest of your life.

What you eat is just part of the programme. I’m a big believer in diet being the cornerstone of a fat loss plan, but you didn’t really think you were going to get away with just changing your food, did you?

On the fat loss ebook programme, you’ll be training twice a day some days. But instead of spending hours on the treadmill or pounding the pavements, you’ll be concentrating mainly on strength training for fat loss and high intensity interval training workouts, which are short but burn a lot of fat in the hours following. Many people underestimate the importance of anaerobic training (intervals) for fat loss. These type of workouts burn more calories in the hours and days after. You burn fat when you're not even training!

It’s this combination of the right diet, the right mindset, and the right kind of training that gets results – your fat will literally melt away before your very eyes!


So...are you ready to start changing?


The good news is you’ve already taken the first step!

Just by coming to this page and reading this article, you’ve shown that you’re ready to begin your new journey to optimal health – and the fat loss ebook is the perfect place to start.

Not only does it help you shed fat fast, it primes your body ready to move onto more advanced programmes like my 8 week physique and 8 week muscle 

Along your journey, I’ll re-educate you about the basics of nutrition for fat loss, and teach you how you prepare food, how to cook it and how to make the necessary lifestyle changes to make sure you keep hold of your new shape.

You’ll feel the benefits of more energy, increased lean muscle mass, detoxification, balanced hormones and lowered stress levels. And you’re left with all the tools you need to live this way long term.

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Just £21.00 – a small price to pay to start changing your life.

LHP Fat Loss System

Was: £ 27.00

NOW: £ 21.00